Marco Antonio Lopes M.D, Ph.D

Dr. Marco Lopes has experience practicing counseling, psychotherapy, neurocoaching and research in behavioral neuroscience. He works with individuals, couples and families. He tailors his approach to each person’s unique life situation, background, and goals taking an interactive and supportive cognitive approach with an emphasis on what works.

Marco helps people cope with transitions, trauma and loss, overcome depression and anxiety from personal or work stress, and develop a sense of meaning and direction in life. He also researches the evidence of neuroendocrine-immune system interactions (spleen, thymus, bone marrow and lymph nodes) and changes in brain functions affecting different immune responses for a new clinical approach which perceives and treats the patient as a psychic and somatic whole.

Behavioral Neuroscientist

Specialist in General Psychopathology - Naippe / Institute of Psychiatry - Hospital das Clinicas FMUSP
Health and wellness coaching - Faculdade de Educação em Ciências da Saúde do Hospital Oswaldo Cruz SP

Brain and Mind disorders researcher at IBRO

Brain and Mind disorder researcher at FENS


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